We wish to use the following Data Privacy Statement to inform you about what kind and scope of and for what purpose personal data are collected during your visit to our website, and how and what for they are processed and used.

The law (Art. 3 (1) of the Federal Data Protection Act, or BDSG) defines personal data as any information concerning personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual (the data subject). During your visit to our website, data that might be used to trace an individual's identity will be, on the one hand, collected by our web server and, on the other hand, any personal data you may have voluntarily given while visiting the website will be transmitted to us.

This includes in particular:

IP addresses

For you to be able to use our website, our web server will collect your IP address, which will be stored in a masked form. Regardless of whether you have a static or dynamic IP address, it does not allow the tracing of your identity.

For the purpose of error analysis, your masked IP address will be stored in our web server's log files and - for statistical purposes - by the "Google Analytics" web analytics software. Log files are deleted no later than after 7 days.

Browser information

In addition, our web server will collect data transmitted by your browser and store them - partly by default - in the log files. This includes information about your operating system, the browser you are using, the name of the information retrieved, the time and date you accessed our website, the name of a website you visited before ours (so-called "referrer") and the volume of data transmitted to you. In this case, it is not possible to trace your identity based on the above-mentioned information because the stored IP address is masked.

The transmitted data are stored in the log files for error analysis purposes, which are then processed in Google Analytics for statistical purposes.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files sent from our website and stored by your browser on your computer or mobile device. Cookies can be divided into session (temporary) cookies that are automatically deleted when you close your browser and so-called "persistent" (permanent) cookies that are stored on your computer up for a period of up to two years.

Cookies allow us to analyse how visitors use our website and in particular what the demand for the information we provide is, so that we can adjust our offer to better respond to the visitors' needs and optimise it on an on-going basis. It is not our intention to examine individual user behaviours whilst browsing our website but rather to analyse how our website is used in general, what information is requested and how often, what sections of our website are most popular among visitors, how long visitors spend on our website or which pages are visited most frequently, if there are any incorrect links that redirect to wrong webpages and if so, where they are, etc. The data collected for this purpose are anonymised or stored as personally non-identifiable information.

To analyse the user behaviour, we use the Google Analytics web analytics software that is installed directly on our web server, the only point where the collected data are processed. The data we collect are not disclosed to any third parties.

Google Analytics uses permanent cookies which you can find in the cookies list in your browser at the website "noriba-it.com" under the name of "Google Analytics". For further information see your browser's "Help" menu.

As a global company, we also want to find out from which country the visitors to our website come from. To this end, we use your masked IP address to perform the so-called geolocation. The masked IP address does not allow tracking the user's identity.

Right of refusal in the meaning of Art. 15 (3) of the German Telemedia Act (TMG)

If you refuse to consent to the analysis of your user behaviour or the use of cookies, you can disable cookies from our website by changing your browser settings, for example by adding an exception for cookies from our website or blocking cookies in general. Furthermore, you can always delete selected cookies manually. Please use the "Help" menu of your browser to make appropriate settings.

You can use our website also without cookies but it can happen that some functionalities will not be available.

Newsletter subscription, registration to seminars, contact form, e-mail

Our website offers you the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter, register for our seminars and contact us using the contact form or directly per e-mail. In these cases, it is necessary that you provide us with your personal data.

If you use contact forms on our website, our web server will automatically transmit your personal data in an e-mail to the designated recipient of the given form. If necessary, we will forward your personal data to a relevant recipient within noriba GmbH to handle your enquiry. Your personal data will not be forwarded in any other cases.

If you wish to contact us per e-mail please note that unencrypted e-mail messages sent over the Internet are not sufficiently protected from being read by unauthorised third parties.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Statement, our website or noriba GmbH, you can also call us. To call our switchboard in Unterschleißheim please call +49 89 3140-1250.