With our client an automated regression system was created in order to increase the quality of produced software: LTE Protocol Stack with L1 and belonging SW modules. It was important to automate all process steps starting from software build (SCM version based), build installation, functional verificiation with real UE (LTE), logs and reports generation, results database creation and email notifications.


 Target was to create automated test system which executes the LLAPI/MLAPI scenarios in Project Explorer in Virtual and Real Test mode. System must guarantee reliable remote control of all needed devices. Final task is tests verification, results collection and effective summarization. Automated verification of LTE Protocol Stack had to meet following requirements:

Non – functional

  • system designed to be simple to execute
  • extendable for various task which are not well know yet, like daily build or single run developer tests
  • robustness of system is a priority
  • scalability of tests – test sets
  • stability and recovery of the system to be able to run independently for days without user interaction
  • easy portability
  • GUI interface for single/multiple scenario runs with action feedback


  • based on Python interpreter
  • remote control over SOAP interface
  • remote control of additional devices over VISA interface
  • profile creation
  • possibility to start processes on remote PCs
  • results overview across tested version to see functional/stability progress of the LTE Stack/L1
  • MS Excel table export
  • logs collection, zipping, coping
  • additional processing of logfiles
  • email distribution of results

The solution

 Automated Protocol Stack Regression System using the FORUM Application as SW framework was created - software control unit with job scheduling, process control, database reports capabilities running on daily build basis on a large count of CMW 500 devices verifying stability and functionality of protocol stack across real and virtual UEs. System is easy to deploy and characteristic by low maintenance effort.


       Figure 1: Created Regression Entity


 Automation with Xperior