NLiteMe web-based report

Nliteme is a web-based, all-in-one test result analysis, viewer and reporting system designed for use in software development projects.






> 12 months


Working and continuously evolving web application.

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Full stack application development, with front- and backend aspects. Web-based frontend (ajax, javascript, html5, css) and relational database (mysql, but not limited) and php5 based backend.

Project Details

It proves it's value especially in projects using continuous integration approach of merging developers working copies with a shared main streams several times a day and automated regression testing environments producing thousands of test results per day.
Nliteme allows to structure, group and systematize the produced regression test results with respect to increments, builds, test suite, test cases, test lines, test verdicts, time frames etc. and provides the users with the advanced filtering options for efficient and fast problem spotting. It also allows to view statistics based on the selected options.

Application integration consisting of following features:

  • configurable tab and widget based dashboard (giving an overview of the build and test activities)
  • test results, increments, builds, test suites, test cases, test lines views with advanced filtering options for a detailed analysis
  • fast and efficient search engine
  • possibility to filter results based on date and time with a resolution of 1 minute
  • support of ajax for dynamic asynchronous content retrieval
  • support of dynamic tooltips for a quick overview what's behind the link
  • easy to use JSON and CURL based API for automation (with just a few lines of code in any of the scripting language or even from command line, the Nliteme data base can be populated with test results, increments, builds, test suites information)
  • easy to customize and extend to fit to project specific requirements e.g. add additional data types for project specific analysis (e.g. DUT cpu load info, delay measurements, fault report mapping etc.)
  • quick timeline/history links for quick overview of the past results for a given test case, test line, build and so on
  • tags (implementation ongoing)
  • builds compare view to compare the test results of several build (implementation ongoing)
  • plots and charts for selected data (implementation ongoing)
  • Additional Content